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For many people being able to bring their four-legged friend on a short break in the countryside is an important factor, so The Victoria Inn welcomes small dogs in 1 of our bedrooms.


We do have some 'house rules' for the benefit of all our guests, dog lovers or not and trust that as a responsible dog owner you will appreciate these.

 1.  Dogs are welcome in the Bar, Lounge and decking area but should be clean and on a lead.  We are not able to allow dogs in the dining room at breakfast if we have other guests in. If you are the only guests staying we are happy to waive this rule.

2.  Please do not leave your dog unattended in your room if it is prone to barking or likely to become agitated and destructive.!

  • We ask that you only bring your dog if they are fully house trained. If they do have an accident in the room that you’re not able to clear up yourself, please let us know straightaway; any damage or excessive cleaning may occur an additional charge

  • Unless they are in a crate, we request that dogs aren’t left alone in the guest bedroom when you go out. If you’re happy your dog is OK to be left in the bedroom whilst you eat breakfast  then this is fine – if you have any doubts then we ask that you put them in your car ( except in hot weather of course )

  • We ask that your dog is be up-to-date with flea and worming treatments

3.  If a dog causes any damage to a bedroom such as chewing, fouling of the carpet or excessive dirt/dog hairs then the guest will be fairly charged for the cost of deep cleaning/repairs.

4.  Dogs may be walked in the ground on a lead or in the areas around the village and river walks area.

5.  Any fouling must be collected in a bag and disposed of in the 'dog waste' bins around the village.

6.  Please note that we allow a maximum of 1 small dog in room 5 only.

Thank you for your co-operation

As if she didn’t have enough fur in her
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